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  • "Since 1992 the Dialogue has lived up to its
    promise to strengthen ties between Australia
    and the United States as it has hosted
    leaders of the first rank from both sides of the Pacific." The Hon Julia Gillard
    former Prime Minister, Australia

  • "The Leadership Dialogue has woven ideas and friendships together in ways that have influenced national security, trade and business ties. I feel privileged to have learned so much from an extraordinary group of Australians from diverse works of life. The experience reinforces that special bond of outlook and trust and humour that defines that Australian-American partnership." The Hon Robert Zoellick
    former President, World Bank

  • "The Leadership Dialogue has afforded us the ability to promote our common values,
    tackle tough issues, build upon our historical ties, advance a dynamic policy agenda
    and further solidify our longstanding friendship." The Hon Paula Dobriansky
    former Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, United States Department of State

  • "I hope all those in attendance will take advantage of this forum and the extraordinary
    platform it offers to strengthen the bonds that unite our nations.
    I applaud the participants of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue for their
    dedication to diplomacy." The Hon Bill Clinton
    former President, United States of America

  • "Permanence should never be presumed
    and partnerships should never be taken for granted.
    That is why the Australian American Leadership Dialogue
    is an important and necessary plank in our platform
    of official and private diplomatic engagement." The Hon George H.W. Bush
    former President, United States of America

  • "The Australian American Leadership Dialogue
    is the most important, and surely the most singular, exercise
    in private diplomacy in the history of Australia." Greg Sheridan
    Foreign Editor, The Australian

  • "I appreciate the opportunity that the Australian
    American Leadership Dialogue provides to learn
    about and celebrate the diversity
    of our world. This bipartisan initiative's
    efforts help advance the bonds of friendship
    between the United States and Australia." The Hon George W. Bush
    former President, United States of America