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Australian American Leadership Dialogue

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The Australian American Leadership Dialogue (AALD) is a private diplomatic initiative, which brings together Australian and American leaders from government, enterprise, media, education and the community to help review and refine the parameters of the Australian-American bilateral relationship.


The mission of the Leadership Dialogue is to broaden and deepen mutual understanding between Australian and American leaders and to enhance the framework for regional security in a manner that underwrites economic and cultural prosperity for Australian and American citizens. By doing so, both nations are able to contribute to the development of a robust, stable and economically healthy world.


The Leadership Dialogue was founded on, and continues to run, based on principles of bilateral interest, bipartisanship, voluntarism and leadership in the service of others, frank exchange, intergenerational perspectives, mutual tolerance and personal courtesy.

Action Orientation

Since 1992, leaders have gathered at AALD programs in various cities across the two nations to shape the direction of the bilateral relationship. These programs allow a rich and ongoing dialogue to develop across seven key themes: economics and trade, security and defence, foreign policy, domestic politics, innovation and technology, energy and climate and education, health and social inclusion.

The bilateral and bipartisan nature of the Leadership Dialogue facilitates the pragmatic and free-flowing exchange of ideas that has become a hallmark of the events. The high calibre of discussion and debate leads to the formation of support for strategic policy in both countries.