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An archive of all the latest news from the AALD

AALD Chair Congratulates Vice-Chair, Mrs. Julie Singer Scanlan AO on Presentation of an Order of Australia

  The Australian American Education Leadership Foundation (AAELF) would like to congratulate co-founder of the organisation and Vice-Chair, Mrs. Julie Singer Scanlan AO on receiving an Order of Australia on the Queens Birthday, Monday 11th June 2018. Mrs. Singer Scanlan’s award recognises her “distinguished service to Australia-America relations through the promotion and facilitation of dialogue…  View Article...

YLD Alumnus, Jillian Kilby Wins 2018 NSW Agrifutures Rural Women Award

The Australian American Leadership Dialogue (AALD) would like to congratulate YLD Alumnus, Ms. Jillian Kilby on winning the 2018 NSW Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award. Ms. Kilby is a valuable and active participant of the Young Leadership Dialogue and we look forward to our continued collaboration in the future. Full article can be read here.  …  View Article...

AALD x Planet: Democratising the Space Industry

This year, the AALD’s annual West Coast Leadership Dialogue (WCLD) program focused on a wide range of topics; two of which included, the democratisation of  satellite technology and the importance of astronautical innovation in contemporary society. In conjunction with engaging dialogue, the WCLD cohort attended an offsite, plenary session at San Francisco’s Planet– a pioneer,…  View Article...

AALD x Lockheed Martin: Celebrating New Additions to Corporate HQ

Long term supporter and highly valued partner of the AALD, Lockheed Martin Australia & New Zealand, has today welcomed the newest addition to its Australian corporate headquarters: Lockheed Martin Australia House. The $12 million addition, unveiled by the Minister for Defence and Industry, The Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, is situated next to Canberra’s Parlimentary Triangle,…  View Article...

Hot Competition: AALD Delegate, Janine Perret on the Space Race

Everybody’s doing it. Getting into space, that is. No longer the sole preserve of NASA or other superpowers or even tech world billionaires, last week even a small New Zealand company successfully launched objects into orbit. Last year’s decision by the Turnbull government to launch an Australian space agency has come none too soon and…  View Article...

North West Cape: the joint facility that changed Australian politics

By Kim Beazley, The Strategist [ASPI], 29 December 2017 This is the year of significant anniversaries marking the Australia–US relationship. In May we commemorated the 75th anniversary of the battle of the Coral Sea and more recently the 50th birthday of the joint facilities, led by Pine Gap, which the late Des Ball aptly described as the ‘strategic…  View Article...


AALD in Honolulu: Celebrating 10 Years of Dialogue

  The Australian American Leadership Dialogue(AALD) convened its 10th annual Forum, 15- 17 October in Honolulu, Hawaii, providing a unique opportunity to understand the challenges facing both Australia and the US   in the Indo-Pacific region.  The Honolulu Leadership Dialogue brings together a cross- disciplinary group of business, academic, private sector, government and military leaders to…  View Article...


The Trump Era Shifts Social Innovation Agendas

  BY MATTHEW SPECTOR, Kennedy School Review, 3 May 2017 Matthew is a member of the Young Leadership Dialogue 2017 cohort The first months of the Trump administration have radically reshaped the calculus of social entrepreneurship. Institutions that opened themselves to public accountability during the Obama years now face little demand to adhere to the…  View Article...


Turnbull, Trump and the Intrepid

By Peter Jennings, The Strategist [ASPI], 5 May 2017 I’ll defend to the death John McCarthy’s right, facilitated by The Strategist, to uphold the dignity of the Prime Minister in the face of insults from the American President. There’s no excuse for bad, belittling and bullying behavour. Thank goodness we never see that in Australian…  View Article...