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Susan Bayh February ’21

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VALE Susan Bayh, former first lady of Indiana

Susan Bayh, first lady of Indiana for 8 years following husband Evan Bayh’s election as governor, passed away
February 6th. Evan was the nation’s youngest governor when elected in 1988. Evan was elected to the US Senate
in 1998 and re-elected six years later.

Susan practised law in Washington DC and Indiana. She was a leader with many hats, including establishing a
non-profit to fight adult illiteracy

Evan’s father Birch Bayh was a significant leader of Indiana politics and served in the US Senate from 1963-
1981, where he authored the 25th amendment to the US Constitution.

Evan and Susan had twin boys, Beau and Nick, in 1995.
• Beau Bayh enlisted in the US Marines and is pursuing a Law degree at Harvard
• Nick Bayh enlisted in the Army and is doing an MBA at Harvard

Susan’s spirit lives on.

In a fitting tribute former Vice President Mike Pence, himself a former Indiana governor, stated:

• “Susan Bayh loved her family, our state and her friends with a smile and irrepressible optimism that
will never be forgotten. “

Julie and I first met the Bayhs at the annual Hilton Head retreat hosted by Phil and Linda Lader in December
1992, shortly after the election of former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton as President of the United States.
They were heady days among a new generation of Democrat leaders. Evan and Susan were key players.

Evan regularly participated in AALD sessions held in Washington DC and New York, and has been widely
appreciated among delegates for his objective briefings of US politics. He has a gift for reaching across the
political aisle.

Susan and Evan were scheduled to join the US delegation to our 25th anniversary AALD in 2015 on the Gold
Coast, but fate intervened via a long battle with brain cancer which she fought bravely to the end.

Our thoughts are with Evan, Beau and Nick at this emotional time and in celebration of Susan’s impactful life.

Phil Scanlan
Feb 13, 2021