Jason Clare and Scott Morrison


Jason Clare
Scott Morrison

It is with pleasure that the Australian American Leadership Dialogue congratulates Jason Clare and Scott Morrison on their successful nomination for the inaugural Leadership Dialogue Spirit of Bipartisanship Award.

The Australian American Leadership Dialogue values bilateral interest, bipartisanship, voluntarism, and leadership in the service of others, frank exchange, intergenerational perspectives, mutual tolerance, and personal courtesy. Of particular importance to the successful navigation of the Australian American relationship, is a commitment to bipartisanship among Australian parliamentarians. In this light, the establishment and execution of the biannual Mateship Trek is a notable example of the spirit we hold so highly and, for their roles in creating this significant initiative, the Leadership Dialogue congratulates and recognises Jason and Scott.

Following their simultaneous election to Parliament in 2007, Jason, Labor Federal Member for Blaxland, and Scott, Liberal Federal Member for Cook, founded the Mateship Trek, a biannual event, which invites young people from different walks of life to journey through a part of Australia’s military history.

In 2009, the group trekked Kokoda in Papua New Guinea, in 2011, they tackled Sandakan in Borneo, and, in 2013, they took on the Black Cat Track, also in Papua New Guinea. The program seeks to develop leadership skills and build friendships and understanding between young people of different backgrounds.

The Leadership Dialogue seeks to do the same. At this year’s Forum, we congratulate Jason and Scott as joint recipients of the in augural Leadership Dialogue Spirit of Bipartisan Award and wish them all the best for 2014’s adventure.

Phil Scanlan
Australian American Leadership Dialogue