Richard Woolcott AC


Richard Woolcott AC

The inaugural 2010 Leadership Dialogue Honour will be presented to Richard Woolcott at the 2010American Australian Leadership Dialogue in Washington DC by Robert Zoellick. Dick Woolcott is anoriginal member of the Leadership Dialogue which first met in Washington DC, June 1993.

Founder, Phil Scanlan says:

“Dick Woolcott embodies what the Leadership Dialogue is about – sustained passion for our LeadershipDialogue mission, frank views expressed in an environment of mutual tolerance and personal courtesy,promotion of intergenerational dialogue, lifelong service, always looking forward and never beingsatisfied – in short, an example to us all”​.

Dick has served many Australian Prime Ministers, including as a Special Envoy. In 1992 as Doyen ofAustralian Diplomacy and having retired as Secretary of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs andTrade, Dick lent his immense prestige and vast global network to help launch the Leadership Dialogue,and thereafter to nurture it through its initial developmental phases.

Since 1992 Dick Woolcott has been a Board Member of the Australian American Education LeadershipFoundation (AAELF), which resources Leadership Dialogue events. The stage is now set for furtherintergenerational expansion, and we thank Dick for his steadfast commitment to bipartisanship,voluntarism and philosophy of service that have been the hallmark of the Leadership Dialogue.

We look forward to the pleasure of Dick’s company, counsel and as always his good humour.

Phil Scanlan
Australian American Leadership Dialogue