The Honorable Alan M. Dunn


Alan M Dunn

Alan Dunn is our 2015 Leadership Dialogue Honouree. It is a tradition for the Leadership Dialogue tohonour those who have served as Alan has done so for so many years. He accepted our invitation to jointhe Board of the American Australian Education Leadership Foundation of which I was the foundingpresident from 1993-2009.

Alan was introduced to us by Peter Watson when Peter served on the International Trade Commissionas trade was a key item on our agenda in our inaugural Leadership Dialogue in Washington, DC, 1993. Listening to Alan discuss the intricacies of trade deals is an education in itself. He is a steadfastRepublican who appreciates the bipartisan imperative of the Leadership Dialogue.

Alan, like Dick Woolcott, Hugh Morgan and other stalwarts in recent times, has handed over his role asPresident of the US Foundation to Barry Jackson. We take this opportunity to thank Alan for his longterm service on our US Board and pay tribute to his wife Debbie and his daughters Helen and Sophie fortheir support of his enormous voluntary contribution to the Leadership Dialogue spanning more thantwo decades.

Phil Scanlan
Australian American Leadership Dialogue