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Phil Scanlan AM – Founder

The Australian American Leadership Dialogue (AALD) is a private diplomatic initiative, which brings together Australian and American leaders from government, enterprise, media, education and the community to help review and refine the parameters of the Australian-American bilateral relationship.

Australia’s relationship with the United States is a cornerstone of their global engagement. As Australia’s number one strategic and economic partner, the United States is critical to Australia’s capacity to enhance regional security and help underwrite economic and cultural prosperity, not only for Australians and Americans, but for the entirety of the Indo Pacific region. A strengthened Australian-US partnership enables us to contribute to a robust, stable and economically healthy world. Yet there are stresses in the bilateral relationship, which are not in Australia’s, or the region’s, interests. These stresses demand careful and sober engagement.

September 2021

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Phil Scanlan's opening address to the 2020 AALD Virtual Forum

In 2020 Australian American Leadership Dialogue stayed true to its principles and delivered a dynamic virtual program for the V-AALD, the V-YLD and the V-YLD Alumni.


In 2021 the program will transition into a hybrid format and then return to in-person events. A new innovative Leadership Dialogue will emerge and culminate in the 30th Anniversary AALD set for Washington DC in July 2022

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