The Young Leadership Dialogue (YLD), established by the Australian American Leadership Dialogue (AALD) in 2007, embodies the intergenerational imperative to advance mutual understanding among Australian and US leaders through the development of young men and women from each country.

The YLD was founded on the basis that the bilateral long-term relationship between the two countries will remain strong when young leaders can come together to discuss critical issues of mutual interest and strengthen understanding and cooperation.

The YLD is a two-year program requiring delegates to travel to Leadership Dialogue events in both Australia and the United States. Programming includes in-person, virtual and hybrid sessions.

Delegates participate in:

  • YLD Welcome Reception (AU or US)
  • YLD Canberra Retreat
  • YLD US Retreat
  • YLD Academy and Forum
  • V-YLD Virtual program
  • YLD Graduation Ceremony (AU or US)

At the conclusion of engagement in the YLD program, delegates join the YLD Alumni, which has over 400 members. The YLD Alumni is a robust program that provides formal and informal opportunities in Australia and the United States to stay connected.

2022 YLD Milwaukee Retreat

‘Learning about Wisconsin state politics and impact of the state federally on upcoming Federal elections. Indebted to YLD program manager Sen Chris Larson for organising an outstanding opportunity .’