The West Coast Leadership Dialogue (WCLD) was established in 2007 and explores the development and adoption of innovative and revolutionary technologies, transforming the world we live in.

The WCLD Collaborates with Stanford University to exchange views on global matters. The WCLD identifies opportunities that sustain a platform for high community performance and focus on technologies that transform the world we live in.

The WCLD focusses on Australian-US cooperation and collaboration in the areas of STEM, astronautical innovation and international scientific development placing a particular focus on space and technology. The Future of Medicine, The Future of Healthcare Research, Cooperation and Technology, Digital transformation (AI and Machine Learning), the divergence between innovation and policy, and the future drivers of growth in the changing global economy.

The WCLD gives delegates first-hand knowledge and learning with on-site visits to those at the cutting edge of technology. Previous visits include Microsoft, Zoom, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to name a few.

As the pace of technology accelerates, the Leadership Dialogue remains at the forefront of these discussions building collaborative networks between business, government, education, and research institutions.

The WCLD is a masterclass in soft diplomacy, making meaningful connections in both countries, and deepening knowledge of business and political leaders in emerging areas of our society and economy.