Glenn Gaffney joined the NobleReach Foundation in January 2023 when Emerge was spun out from In-Q-Tel (IQT). NobleReach bridges government, industry and academia to bring together technology commercialization and talent development networks in an integrated, scalable, and repeatable way to meet our next generation economic, societal, and security challenges.

Glenn was a co-founder of Emerge while serving as an EVP and Senior Fellow at IQT, where he served from 2017–2022.

Before joining the private sector, Glenn served in the US Intelligence Community for 31 years. His government service included senior positions as the Director of Science and Technology for the Central Intelligence Agency, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Collection, and the Associate Director of CIA for Talent. Throughout his career he has led new endeavors in technical collection operations, the analysis of space and advanced conventional weapons systems, information operations, and identity intelligence to address critical national security challenges.

Glenn Gaffney