Sergio is the Chairman of PVBLIC Foundation, P3 Smart City Partners, serves on the AALD Board of Directors, as well as an active investor and director in many ventures.

As Chairman of PVBLIC he leads the foundation’s engagement with Global Family Offices, Governments from the White House to the United Nations to the Vatican and multinationals; public & private.

Today, Sergio, through his various platforms has launched, helped launch or played an instrumental role in developing platforms, programs and initiatives to advance impact across the globe — impacting over 2 billion people.

Sergio has been celebrated locally & internationally for his work over the last 19 years. Most notably with America’s most distinguished award, the 2019 Ellis Island Medal of Honor given to American Immigrants whose life work exemplifies the American Dream. Sergio has been knighted in Spain by Order of St Lazarus in 2011 & Imperial Hispanic Order of Charles V in 2023, and in 2021 Ethiopia’s Order of the Star of Ethiopia Knighted Sergio as a Grand Cross. In 2022 he was also awarded the Ethiopian Crown’s Victory of Adwa Medal, for Sergio’s work for securing expanded relations between the Crown Council and His Highness Pope Francis, and most recently in 2023 he received Spain’s Medal of Merit, by the Holy Guardian Angels, in recognition of a lifelong commitment to being Guardian Angel of peace and order.

From 2022-2023, Sergio served as an Ambassador to the United Nations with the role of Permanent Observer to the International Youth Organization for Ibero-America (OIJ).

Sergio is a graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology, completed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Birthing of Giants®️ executive program and the UNITAR executive diploma in International Law in the 21st Century and Diplomacy 4.0.