Larry Irving


Larry Irving

Richard Woolcott, Bob Zoellick, Kim Beazley, and Larry Irving embody the values and principles underlying the Leadership Dialogue – bipartisanship, global perspective, commitment to leadership in the service of others, open and honest exchanges of views and belief in the intergenerational imperative.

Larry Irving has been a stalwart of the Leadership Dialogue from the very beginning of our20+ years and he has been supported in this endeavour by Lesley. There are many examples of Larry making important contributions to the performance and evolution of the Leadership Dialogue. His initial participation coincided with the key role, from 1993 to 1999, of advising President Clinton on telecommunications policies designed to accelerate US economic growth and technological advancement.

He was the principal architect of President Clinton’s telecommunications, internet and e-commerce initiatives. After their meeting at the inaugural Australian American Leadership Dialogue in June 1993, Larry worked discreetly with Australian Communications Minister Peter Cook to ensure Australia was well informed about telecommunications policy considerations among the G7 nations.

Larry is admired for his integrity and has adorned the Leadership Dialogue through the annual AALD and the West Coast Leadership Dialogue – now entering its 8​th​ year – at his alma mater, Stanford University.He remains at the forefront of innovation trends and we look forward to working with him through future years to nurture younger cohorts of US and Australian leaders at the Young Leadership Dialogue.

In recognising Larry as a model leader, we are delighted he has accepted our nomination as Leadership Dialogue Honouree 2013.

Phil Scanlan
Australian American Leadership Dialogue